Suzanne Matsuura copySuzanne’s research focuses on the use of magnetic-electro-nanoparticles (MENP), coated with the anti-retroviral drug Tenofovir, as a delivery system to cross the BBB and treat HIV-1 infection in brain pericytes with the eventual aim of eradicating latent HIV reservoirs in the brain.
Suzanne’s laboratory expertise with molecular biology techniques and the handling of mammalian or bacterial cell culture comes from her previous work with Dr. Walter Scott (SV40 and HIV-1-RT systems) and Dr. Noriyuki Kasahara (viral vectors for cancer treatment). Formal training includes a Master of Science in Microbiology and Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry.
She has been described as a ‘career technician with solid technical abilities and diligent work ethic’, but has been most appreciated by co-workers through the years for her compulsive baking.
Suzanne began working in the laboratory in January of 2019.
January 2019.