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This summer we hosted again an exchange student from France. Louise Bertrand studies Biology at Ecole Supérieure de Biologie-Biochimie-Biotechnologies (ESTBB) at the Université Catholique de Lyon. She completed her 4 month internship (from May 2019 to September 2019) in our laboratory. Her main mentor was Luc and she worked on HIV and ischemic stroke. We were very pleased with her work and research progress. We thank Louise for her internship in our laboratory and wish her the best in the future.” 

A note from Louise: I would like to thank you, you and your team in your laboratory for making my internship so special. It was an incredible and enriching experience in every way. Thank you for all the opportunities you have offered me (the congress, participating in the lab-meeting etc...). (…) I discovered a whole new world in the laboratory, and I realized that this was indeed the world I would like to work in later, you made me even more fond of biology! Thank you for your warm welcome, your trust and your teaching. I returned to France happy and fulfilled to have been part of and learned in your laboratory for 4 months. I make my colleagues jealous of having had such a great internship, thank you for everything, sincerely! If I could, I would do my internship again this year in your laboratory... ! You have a great laboratory, great teachers and very very good cookers ! Thank you so much for this incredible and amazing internship!.

September 2019