alt=Congratulations are in order for several BMB graduate students, post-docs, and faculty after the recent Society for Personalized Nanomedicine (SPNM) 3rd Annual Symposium! Graduate student Trajen Head, from the laboratory of Dr. Sylvia Daunert, received the 2016 SPNM Early Career Investigator in Personalized Nanomedicine Award.

Post-doctoral scholar Dr. Bhabatosh Banik from the laboratory of Dr. Shanta Dhar, who will be joining us next month, received the same Award in the postdoc category. Both Trajen and Bhabatosh were invited to give oral presentations on their research. Graduate students Jeramy Baum, Gregory O’Connor, and Yuping Yang (all from the laboratory of Dr. Sylvia Daunert), and post-doctoral scholars, Dr. Luc Bertrand (from the laboratory of Dr. Michal Toborek), and Dr. Uttara Basu (from the laboratory of Dr. Shanta Dhar) received the Best Poster Awards. Dr. Richard Cote was granted the Excellence in Service Award by the SPNM in addition to being invited to give a presentation and chair a session. Additionally, Dr. Sylvia Daunert, Dr. Shanta Dhar, and Dr. Michal Toborek presented invited talks at the symposium.

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