The student selection committee and the Office of Undergraduate Research at the University of Miami selected Martina Velichkovska for oral presentation at the ACC Meeting of the Minds research conference at Boston College. 

Jessica’s manuscript on the impact of circadian rhythm disruption on the gut microbiome was accepted for publication in Frontiers in Microbiology, section Systems Microbiology.

toborek picDr. Martin Chalfie, the 2008 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry (along with Drs. Osamu Shimomura and Roger Y. Tsien) "for the discovery and development of the green fluorescent protein, GFP” visited the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and presented two Schultz lectures “GFP: Lighting Up Life” and “Guarantor Transcription Factors in Cell Differentiation.”

MWSSeveral members of our laboratory participated and presented posters at the Miami Winter Symposium, January 28-31, 2018 in Hyatt Regency, Miami. Drs. Andras, Bertrand, Cho, Leda, Park, and Skowronska received registration fee waivers.

NanoNew paper by Hyung Joon Cho "HIV Alters Gap Junction-Mediated Intercellular Communication in Human Brain Pericytes" was accepted in Frontiers of Molecular Neuroscience. The co-authors are Alyce Mei-Shiuan Kuo, Luc Bertrand, and Michal Toborek.

Congratulations Joon!