14040169_1790266804585104_1472697635654151131_n.jpgDuring the BMB Open House/BMB Research Day on August 25th Luc was one of many Post-Docs to recieve winning recognition for their work on their posters.

thumbnail_Zachary.jpgWe are very excited to announce that Postdoc Luc Bertrand's wife Isabelle Messier gave birth to Zachary on the 26th of July 2016 at a weight of 7.7 pounds! Everyone is in good health and excited that one day maybe Zachary will be in cutting edge scientific research as well!

PIBSRebecca Peters was one of the first PiBS PhD students to arrive into the lab in the summer of 2016. For a four week period she worked with postdoc Joon to run an experiment to control for cytokine-related impact on connexin 40 and 45 expression. Rebecca has completed her rotation with a presentation for the PiBS program.


In the Article below you will see that our high school students, Maria Suarez-Nieto and Matthew Bec, came to complete some research in our field. Maria and Matthew not only dedicated their time to our lab, but also put in the utmost proffesional effort at such a young age. As a part of their program they were to present their work, where they gave well educated presentations. We were very sad to see them go, but happy to see their accomplishments. The lab looks foward to the next set of High School Students to come help with operations.

howardThe Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology welcomes new Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) High School Scholars. Smita Bhattacharjee (from John A. Ferguson High School) and Megan Zou (from Ransom Everglades School) started their research training in the laboratory of Dr. Daunert. In addition, Maria Suarez-Nieto (from Medical Academy for Science and Technology, MAST@Homestead) and Matthew Bec (from Belen Jesuit Preparatory School) joined Dr. Toborek’s laboratory.